Performance management made simple

Anytime, anywhere. Develop and motivate your people with continuous feedback, goal management, and flexible reviews

performance management solution

Develop & motivate your people with us

[My employees] love it. They tell me that it’s super simple to use and that they feel motivated to work harder when they receive feedback.

Chief People Officer

I am thankful for you and your technology.

Head of People

This is better than anything else I have seen in the market. It's so intuitive and easy. We are 100% aligned with your approach to feedback.

Chief Executive Officer

Continuous Feedback

Better feedback, better performance.

Develop and motivate your people with meaningful, 360 feedback in real-time.

performance management solution
employee performance management software

Objectives & Tasks

Alignment and accountability

​Cascade and manage objectives for your organization and teams. Get everyone rowing in the same direction. 


Flexible and customizable

Simplify and automate manager, self, and 360 reviews in one place. Escape from Google Docs and antiquated HRIS features.

performance management solution
performance management software

People Analytics

Data, not gut feelings

​Track employees' performance data and uncover insights. Understand their strengths and weaknesses, make data-driven decisions, and optimize performance.

Worried about Employee Adoption?

We get it. You have spent endless hours implementing other performance management solutions that your employees never use.


We are different. We make sure you get the adoption and results you need.

simple performance management solution

Simple Platform

Forget the extra bells and whistles. We are so intuitive that teams can learn our features and hit the ground running in just a few minutes.

feedback workshops

Hands-on Workshops

We provide workshops to help your teams understand how to share effective feedback. Interactive workshops - not e-learning videos.

culture of continuous feedback

Effective processes

We work with you to set up smart processes that enable the right behaviors, which ultimately create and sustain the culture of feedback.

Performance management made simple

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