Performance Management 
for the New Workforce

Develop and retain top talent through effective performance feedback and goal alignment

360 & real-time feedback

Goal-setting & alignment

Analytics & reports

Improve Productivity
Develop Your Talent

Constructive, objective, and continuous feedback helps employees accelerate their skill development, which in turn, helps your organization grow faster.

Improve Retention 
Motivate Your Talent

Continuous learning and progression are significant drivers of employee motivation and engagement. Motivated and engaged employees are less likely to leave.

Make Informed Decisions
Understand Your Talent

Employee performance is not easy to understand, making it difficult to analyze. Pavestep is your comprehensive source of truth for employee performance. With better performance data, you'll be able to make better HR decisions.

SaaS Platform
Workshops and Support


☑︎  Constructive, objective, and
      continuous feedback
☑︎  Agile and simple goal management
☑︎  One place to store and analyze
☑︎  Streamlined performance review
☑︎  Interactive workshops on effective
☑︎  Ongoing support to help sustain
      the culture of feedback
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Develop and retain top talent with Pavestep

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