Motivate your people, wherever they are.

Intuitive 360 performance management solution that your teams will actually use.

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Enable the culture of feedback - 360, real-time, and meaningful.

Our research-based design, analytics, and hands-on workshops enable feedback that truly develops and motivates your people.

Cascade objectives seamlessly throughout the organization. Keep everyone accountable.

Managers can create and cascade organization and team objectives to keep everyone accountable and track their progress.

Store and analyze performance in one place. Eliminate administrative tasks and spend more time with your team.

Employees can easily track their progress, strengths, and areas of development on Pavestep. Plus, you can automate analyses and reports - streamlining check-in and performance review conversations.

Integrate with your Slack Workspace and make sharing feedback even simpler.

Managers and employees can share and request feedback through Slack without logging onto the Pavestep platform - enabling the culture of real-time feedback in your everyday communication.

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Worried About Employee Adoption?

We get it. You have spent endless hours implementing other performance management solutions or HR/talent technologies that your employees never use.

We are different. Here's how we make sure you get the adoption and results you need.

Simple Platform

Forget the extra bells and whistles. We are so simple and intuitive that teams can learn our features and hit the ground running in just a few minutes.

Hands-on Workshops

We provide hands-on workshops to help your teams understand the art and science behind effective feedback. We host interactive, live workshops - not e-learning videos.

Effective processes

We work with you to set up mini-processes that enable the right behaviors, which ultimately create and sustain the culture of feedback and accountability. 

Ready to Drive Performance?

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