Performance Management for the New Workforce

Enable the culture of feedback - not just with the power of our platform,
but also with our hands-on workshops

Constructive, objective, and continuous feedback

Managers and employees share feedback and recognition to help each other grow. Our research-based product design, analytics, and hands-on workshops enable more constructive, objective, and continuous feedback.

Agile and simple goal management

Goal-setting and alignment don't have to be complicated. Use our intuitive and agile goal management features to cascade goals throughout the organization and make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

One place to store and analyze feedback

Employees can store and analyze all of their feedback in one place, so that they can easily track their strengths and areas of development.

Streamlined performance review process

Organizations spend countless hours in collecting and documenting feedback. Our reporting feature helps you eliminate that administrative burden, so you can spend more time in meaningful conversations with your employees.

Workshops and support to help you succeed

At the end of the day, your managers and employees need to own and live the culture of feedback. We provide workshops and support to help you successfully adopt it - so you can keep your A players and develop your B players.

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